Here are three straightforward, actionable tips to increase your website’s ranking on Google when prospective patients are searching for your specialty, while simultaneously engaging current and past patients to keep your practice front-of-mind.

#1:  Continuously update the website with unique content

#2:  Increase your social media involvement

#3:  What’s #3?? haha


1. Continuously add unique content to your website.

Building and launching an engaging and SEO-driven website is important – but the work is far from over! Search engines want to see that you are continually adding value to your visitors, and don’t like to see “stagnant” websites.  All other factors the same, search engines will rank a website with fresh, unique content higher than a website that’s not regularly updated because it looks more active, engaging and valuable to visitors – i.e. your prospective patients.

How To Do It:

2. Increase your social media involvement.

Google pays attention! Activity and engagement on social media accounts – called social signals – matter to Google and affect your website’s rank.  Active and attentive presence and engagement on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest are a must!

How To Do It:

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